Research and Development

Research and Development

New Products Development Patents & Copyrights:
Tube light end cap with protection switch,  Patent No. 200920004822.12.
A kind of LED tube light, Patent No.200820007360.43.
LED panel design,  Patent No. 200820126714.74.
LED street design,  Patent No. 200920274126.25.
Navigator stern light design,   Patent No. 200730324750.5

R &D Standard:

Making DIAux simulation as per actual requirement. Using  NVLAP accredited third party testing lab to verify the products’ performance and reliability.  Approved by DesignLights Consortium (DLC), Lighting Design Lab (LDL), UL, ETL, CE and RoHS certificates.


CAD Design

Heat Dissipation Study

Dialux Simulation

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