When looking for the right lighting for your location, our selection of Emergency LED garage lights is the perfect solution.

If you’re tired of scrabbling around in the semi-darkness of the shadows of your current garage or canopy lighting, and worry about power off and can not work at the urgent time,  then Lightide’s emergency LED garage & canopy light is the perfect solution and its brightness is equivalent to up to 400 watt MH indoor or outdoor canopy lights.



  1     Data Sheet

Model# Power  Input Voltage Battery Discharge Time Replacement
LT-SGSAL-40W (EM)  40W 100-277VAC Ni-MH >90 min. Up to 150W MH
LT-SGSAL-60W (EM)  60W 100-277VAC Ni-MH >90 min. 175W-250W MH
LT-SGSAL-90W (EM)  90W 100-277VAC Ni-MH >90 min. 250W-400W MH

2     Energy Saving Comparison between 40W  LED Garage &  Canopy Lights and 150W MH lamp

NO. Item LED Metal Halide LED Saving
1 Dissipation Power 39 watts 150 watts -111 watts
2 Amp Draw @ 120V AC 0.34 amps 3.28 amps (Includes ballast factor) -2.94 amps
3 Lamp Life Expectancy 50, 000 hrs 20,000 hrs +30,000 hrs
4 Operation cost per year – each (12hs/day @ 12c/kWh) $20.49/yr $78.84/yr $59.35/yr
5 Operation cost per year -100 fixtures (12hs/day @ 12c/kWh) $2049/yr $ 7884/yr $5935 /yr

Up to 85% in energy savings alone, before cost of maintenance for metal halide fixtures. Up to 76% annual savings possible by switching to LED.

40-90W power option can be equivalent to 100W-400W metal halide canopy light. 

3    UL 924 & NFPA 101 Compliant

It also can provide more than 90~180 min.  emergency (discharging) time to go on with work. Emergency LED Garage & Canopy Lights offer Over load/temperature protection, open/short circuit protection with auto-reset.  DLC premium and 5 years warranty keep best quality and after-service. 


4   Compliant Safety Standard

EMC/FCC/IC Standard EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2/3, FCC part 15, ICES-005
Safety Standard EN61347-1, EN61347-2-7, UL924, CSA C.22.2 NO. 141

IP65  rating is suitable for gas station,  garages, canopies and other installations where maintenance, performance and longevity are required.  

5   Wiring Diagram

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