High Bay LED Lights

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High bay LED lights are designed for industrial or commercial applications where reliability and performance are important. The long LED life of this fixture virtually eliminates maintenance for 150,000 hours.  Every component of the high bay has been carefully engineered to provide reliable performance and bring across many benefits of utilizing solid-state lighting technology in industrial applications.

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DLC Qualified

Not only are indoor LED surface mount canopy lights listed as either DLC or ETL, but they use excellent material to withstand all elements.  In other words, DLC-qualified LED light fixtures are able to accelerate the payback.

Lightide Intgelligent emergency UFO LED high bay lights-correct

Emergency Backup

UL924 & CEC title 20 compliant battery keeps 90~180 minutes of backup lighting when power outages. This way it is available for exterior garage lights, industrial lights, and emergency lighting.  

5-Year Warranty

Lightide stands by the products we sell and back them with an excellent 5-10 years warranty. We absolutely guarantee we only sell the highest quality products anywhere. 

Lightde 6IN1 power & CCT selectable VAPOR-TIGHT led garage canopy lights-2

Great emergency led high bay products, takes 24 hours to charge up the battery the first time around. LED lighting is great for our building.

Lightide CREE LED & Meanwell led highbay light fixture

Quality Assure

Choosing high bay lights that reflect your personal sense of style is one of the most effective ways to enhance your existing fixtures. Moreover, these high bay lights are made to last for a long time with their quality construction and durable materials, such as tempered glass lenses and aluminum housings. Our led highbay lights are available in your choice of power and CCT to accommodate your space with ease and affordability.

Emergency Solution

These high bay emergency lights are used to provide backup lighting in the event of a power disruption. In addition, they enhance the safety and security of a building by providing 90~180 minutes of runtime in an emergency.

Lightide UL924 White LED high bay lights battery backup 100W-240W

Factory Assembly

No need for additional labor costs for assembly and avoid assembly failure in the field.

UL 924  & CEC Title 20

Meet USA DoE high efficiency and CEC (CA title-20) Compliance

NFPA 101 Compliant

The integrated self-diagnostic circuitry will automatically conduct monthly.

Intelligent Detection Function

Switch to emergency mode automatically when power is off. 

Charge Protection

Overcharge/over-discharge/ short-circuit protection

Test Push Button

Std. push-button for checking if it can work in emergency mode. 

Lightide 6in1 power & CCT change linear led garage lights

Power & CCT Selectable

 Upgrade your existing lighting with these easy-install commercial & industrial LED Selectable CCT & Power Technology lights. These energy-efficient, dimmable lights feature unique power & CCT-changing technology and refresh your home with a clean look. In addition, each LED light is equipped with CCT & Power settings. Simply slide the switch directly on the fixture to select the desired CCT and power value before installation. 

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