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The right led ceiling light fixture can transform the look of interior space. It also is suitable for indoor and outdoor. Whether you’re a builder, professional designer, or engineer, we will help you exceed your expectations through our offering of ceiling lighting concepts. Whether your goal is to make a statement with flush mount or pendant lighting or need to upgrade the ceiling lights in a commercial building, we would love to provide suitable fixtures for your every project.


Lightide takes great pride in our excellent choice of ceiling lights for commercials and stands by all our products, which are listed DLC or ETL for indoor locations.

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5 Years Warranty

Lightide stands by the products we sell and back them with an excellent 5-10 years warranty. We absolutely guarantee we only sell the highest quality products anywhere.  

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Emergency Backup

Our overhead ceiling lighting fixtures also can be built with a battery for walkways, offices, and illuminating buildings to provide you backup lighting of safety and security.

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Quality-made components that are built to last plus reliable LED technologies to help lower energy bills.

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High Efficacy

Upgrade your commercial or residential lighting with LED ceiling lights from LIGHTIDE. These fixtures provide high efficacy and use significantly less energy than a traditional fluorescent fixture. In addition, it can help you cut up to 80% of your energy cost. Flat LED ceiling lights have been extremely popular choices in offices, retail facilities, supermarkets, and even garages. They are particularly ideal for replacing in-ceiling fixtures. 

Lightide backlit flat LED Panel Ceiling Lights flush mount
Lightide Intgelligent emergency UFO LED high bay lights-correct

Emergency Solution

Not only can our LED ceiling lights provide normal commercial lighting, but they can offer reliable backup lighting in an emergency.  This way these LED emergency ceiling lighting fixtures can guide people out of the building in time when power outages, blackouts, or fires happen. 

Power & CCT Selectable

These field-adjustable ceiling lighting fixtures are preset to the selectable wattage and CCT. Moreover, this flexible choice capability may reduce stocking inventory by 88%. Therefore, this is an ideal choice for a variety of applications, from retail stores, offices, gymnasiums, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities to ceiling lighting for work areas.

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