• Lightide-emergency-led-flat-panel-light_high-bay-ceiling-panel

LED Ceiling Panel Light Emergency Lights Battery Backup

UL924 | CEC Title-20 | PMMA LGP

LED ceiling panel light emergency backup provides a UL924 & CEC title 20 compliant battery for 90~180 minutes of backup lighting.   That is to say, these flat panels can guide people out of the building in time under power outages, blackouts, fires, and lightning strikes, etc.  So it is great for offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare, and other commercial and industrial applications.

  • Intelligent Emergency Detection Function
  • UL924 with 90~180 minutes of duration
  • DoE High Efficiency & CEC Title 20 Compliance
  • Aluminum-based circuit board
  • Warranty:  All backed by a 5-year warranty